Warli Art Handbag

Warli art shoulder bag

Warli art  handbag

Today I will share with you for the first time on this blog – a handbag. I did this warli figure painted bag for my friend recently. I have seen the wall hanging warli art paintings many a times. I felt that these simple, yet expressive, stick figures are really not utilized enough, and thought of using the warli figures on wearable items. You can see one of my earlier post in which I have used the warli figures on a casual top: http://wp.me/p2MuPK-1i

After a joyful Friday evening of pondering over various designs and colors we settled on the Warli art theme. Excited, I went on a mission to the Mountain View JoAnn store on the weekend, and gathered the fabric and the fabric color. Cutting and sewing was fairly simple. The brown fabric color went pretty well on the thick coarse kind of cotton. On one side I painted the Warli figures. Some are playing a musical instrument, some are doing household chores and others are just making merry. I hoped to capture a festive mood. I inserted a layer of padding on the inside walls and a hard surface on the bottom to keep the bag firm. Finally, I finished the bag with a satin fabric on the inside surface. I hope you will like it.

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